NEW BOOK!!!  …

NEW BOOK!!!   JERUSALEM X-FACTOR  is a timely book dealing with the relationship between the United States and Israel.  You will be fascinated by how great a care God takes care of this tiny nation and especially Jerusalem!  Historical perspectives are laid out in an uplifting and simple clarity. Randal Rogers, a district officer with the assemblies of God in North Carolina writes in his review of the book:  R.A.Cuevas addresses great biblical truths that pertain to the centrality of Israel in the development of world events…    You can locate it at, or

3 thoughts on “NEW BOOK!!!  …

  1. pray that colombia southamerica will get in touch with ISrael and the jewishpeople my name is david olarte 125 seqouia drive coram ny zipcode 11727 unitedstates longisland


    • David
      I agree with you for Colombia to be aware of God’s continued love for Israel. Thank you for being a faithful intecessor as well and remember God promises to prosper those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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