PAX STORM Signicance

Could The call of the Palestinian Authority for complete control of the Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem bolstered from American pressure  by SS John Kerry have any connection to this present ICE STORM?   This new book documents nearly 20 instances of Unprecedented storms or disasters that hit America in the past 8 years each correlating with this  dangerous diplomacy.
PAX latin for PEACE…     When Kerry started his diplomacy several months ago, Israel received a snow storm.  Egypt also received its first snow in over 100 years!
Please note the Frigid winter, polar vortex’s and so forth since this diplomacy began in earnest.
  .. “Jerusalem X Factor.” or amazon kindle.

Most Patriotic Book in 2012

How many books can properly diagnose the New Orleans catastropy of 2005, or the financial collapse of 2008?  How about the Arab Spring of 2011 that should have been labeled the Jerusalem Spring since this is the little known fact that the U.S. demanded Israel to give up Eastern Jerusalem and lose all land rights.

Please be informed by checking out this quick easy read or just go to scribd and get a free read.  Just insert “jerusalem x factor,” and search button!

P.S.  New leaders in Egypt are declaring Jerusalem to be their next “Captial,” instead of Cairo.  Lets all get better informed as to the historical Jerusalem from a purely Biblical point of view.

America’s Demise

It doesn’t have to be, but there are many warnings that have brought devestation to our nation as a result of our stance against God’s coveted “Jerusalem.”   This eternal city is at this moment on the table by the present administration and begun by “W,” in order to try and secure peace in the middle east.  It hasn’t worked and it will not work!  We need leaders that will take a stand for Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and not waver an acre!!!

Let’s keep our eyes open on the most important issue facing our nation and all nations!!!   JERUSALEM