61NnY8XnIgL This book enlightens those who desire to understand more fully how the United States of America has compromised Divine Protection in regards to the Land of Israel and especially Jerusalem. Many of the ills that have befallen America in the last decade can be seen to correspond exactly to the timing of the United States pressuring Israel to surrender parts of her tiny homeland for the promise of peace.

Be amazed at God’s special care for Israel and be encouraged as you discover that His passion for YOU is equally binding.

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3 thoughts on “Books

    • Hi Ron,
      Yes, I would be happy to supply copies of my new book. I have just returned from visiting family in Louisiana and have just begun to answer mail.

      I have had a church in the area utilize the book as a study guide and will be glad to get you as many copies as you may need.
      Already have some serious updates on current event storms.
      Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


      • Hi Ron,
        Copies can be purchased at “Family Christian Store,” in Asheville near the Mall and super walmart or in Hendersonville
        Mall on Four Seasons Blvd. at “The Open Door,” Christian Bookshop.



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