God’s ROMANCE with Israel is discussed and REVEALED in this amazing collection of current events dating back an entire decade and through to the present. Many of the problems facing America can be seen to correspond to the Land issues facing Israel. 17 proofs of God’s fidelity and care for JERUSALEM are carefully documented in this modern day Love affair.
OIL PRICES HAVE NEVER RECOVERED since the restart of the “Road map to peace,” in the summer of 2005. The very Day the United States forced Israel to give up their own natural resources WAS THE DAY THE OIL FIELDS OF THE LOUISIANA AND TEXAS COASTS WERE DEVASTATED.
17 reasons to place your faith in a “LIVING GOD,” One that keeps His eye on those who enter covenant with Him. Jesus’ love for Jerusalem is prominent in this book that will not disappoint! Great review thus far and only released just weeks ago!

Find out more by purchasing your copy of JERUSALEM X-FACTOR 11.99 THROUGH PAYPAL.
go to : http://www.jerusalemxfactor.com or you can go to amazon.com .

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