CNN is reporting an “Extreme Outbreak,” of tornadoes in the United States, March 2, 2012.

TORNADOES are researched in the book with valid and confirmed reasons why all the sudden outbreaks are occurring. A breach in our national security can be traced to our ill-advised treatment of Israel in regards to land and particularly Jerusalem.  Documented since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to present, you will be astounded by the connections that are revealed in this new non-fiction.

Bruce Berger, Law professor at Western Carolina University calls this book,”A good read!”  He says, “It is as if R.A. is walking along with you and speaking personally with you.”  A full book review by him is in the works!!!

Please secure your copy and pass it along!  Things can turn around in our nation on a dime and this book offers a real and genuine hope along with anecdotal ways to move us in the right direction.

Book will be available FREE on Kindle Prime at midnight tonight through midnight tomorrow!

A signed copy will be sent out immediately once you visit my website:

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