UNDERSTAND THE TIMES, election insight

All hell broke out again in our country precipitated by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu declaring the building of 700 homes in the West Bank on or around June 6, 2012.  President Obama declared this was wrong and rebuked Israel. June 8 wildfires broke out in Colorado and nearly 300 homes so far have been incensed.     COINCIDENCE?   I began to document the disasters facing our nation and how it all relates to our treatment of Israel in regards to her land and Jerusalem in particular. You can secure a copy at this site by paypal or go to amazon.com.   “JERUSALEM X FACTOR,” has several professors that have given amazing book reviews and one (NC State Dr. Olin Wood, ret.) bought numerous copies to give to all his friends.

Check it out! Understand these amazing times we are living in and let your faith be increased as a result!  If we as a nation believe in God, we must love the things He loves and detest the things He detests.   Who are we fooling? “God is not mocked, whatsover a man (or nation) sows so will he reap”

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