I have decidedly gotten involved in the political arena due to the devastations on our homeland USA that I have documented and cast light upon in a recent offering.  I for one do not believe in Coincidences at all. I believe there is a purpose for all mankind, nation, and storm or natural disaster.  I believe things are out of proper order due to the nature of sin that will result in each of us dying at some point.  “The day that you sin Adam, you shall surely die.”  (paraphrase).

Until Jerusalem is taken off the negotiation table as our national ‘Official Position,” as begun by “W” and continued by “O,” we are in for a world of hurt.  By the way, WOE is a very historical and biblical term and describes out nation at this time.   Take note of draught covering most of nation, troops being slaughtered by apparent friendly Afghans, several massacres here in the market places,theaters, and worship halls, and campaigne rallies.    The economy is tanking, and on and on it goes.  LATE- BREAKING NEWS:  ABC News is reporting tonite that the Mississippi River is drying up.  There are 100 barges and tow boats stuck in Greenville, Mississippi.  There are no coincidences, We best be believing that Our God is an Awesome God and He will bless us but He will blister us!  He loves us and this I too know.


Also, when you consider all I have said, that we are now living under a cloud of godless policy regarding “Jerusalem,” that must change following this election;    West Nile virus, mosquito born is the worst ever in this nation. Please note:  When hearing of devastations in this country at this time, it is always UNPRECEDENTED, WORSE EVER, OUT OF CONTROL.  Blazes in California are eating up over a hundred structures.   A Hurricane is threatening to postpone Convention in Tampa and please note the name, ISAAC?   Hebrew for “Laughter!”    I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Phase 3 of “Roadmap to Peace,” began in the spring of 2011 announced by Obama Administration which includes Israel surrendering in theory, East Jerusalem for Peace.  No wonder there has been no ongoing negotiations only, heart-ache in America.  Someone needs to talk sense to our national leaders and change strategies for Middle-East peace.

We need leaders who will be more creative and will allow Israel to solve their own problems while playing a supportive role as a true friend to one of our closest friends and allies, Israel.

Shalom Everyone!

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