Why is Jerusalem so Important?

Jerusalem is so important because it is the central location to Jesus’ prophecies concerning the end-times.  She is called the city of David and Jesus, being a direct descendant of David is guaranteed the right to set upon his throne in Jerusalem as promised him by Almighty God.

The fact that Jerusalem keeps popping up on the national and world stage should alert serious minded folks to learn a little more about the history of this fascinating place.  After the returning Jewish exiles from Babylon returned and ceased to rebuild the Tabernacle for worship due to antagonism, the prophet Haggai asked a question of them, ” Heaven is my home and earth is my footstool, but where is the house you will build for me?”  They got busy renovating their own homes and left the Tabernacle rebuilding.

How many of us have lost our true purpose and mission in life and that is to Worship God in Spirit and in truth as Jesus said He came to seek for.   Would you be a true worshipper and find a church that Adores and praises Adonai?

I have written extensively about  the direct impacts upon America as a result of anti-Jerusalem policies. By that, I mean pressure from the present and former administrations to force Israel to surrender parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinians for the promise of “Peace.”  “Jerusalem X-Factor,” comes with tremendous reviews…

“Brother Rob,  Just finished reading your book, an excellent read!  I am glad you sent it my way.  I was intrigued with the thought of David purchasing the land of Jerusalem and its record so plainly stated in so many books around the world.  I new this fact but gravely underestimated the strength and power of those words.  What huge revelation inight.  I will pray more and support Israel with my prayers and vote for those who support her.    Celeste Groomer  CFNI Alumi Director

I have lowered the price of this new book to 10.00 in order to get as many as possible to read it before the election.  Amazon.com carries it on kindle and that price will be lowered as well.

Keep your eyes on Jerusalem for it will be the pivotal issue for the duration.

R.A. Cuevas



Last night, the President was reported to snub Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu as regarded a requested meeting at the United Nations this week over Iran and it was reported today September 12, 2012 that 4 U. S Consulate members were killed in Libya. It is reported due to a 1 minute trailer to a anti-mohammed film.

We have compromised Divine Protection as a result of offending The God of Israel which we claim to accept as the God who Blesses America.

My new book, Jerusalem X-Factor has documented several administrations both dems and repubs that have gotten it wrong concering Israel.

Prayers for the victims and their families, please.


We are living in a time when beaucoux money is being spent on what issues are important to individuals, corporations, special interests, and political parties.

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the eviction of Jewish families from their homelands in Israel in 2005, comes Hurricane Isaac.  This storm not only struck our shores on the exact day 7 years later, but at the same time of day, ie.; early morning around 4:00 A.M..  Of course the name was chosen before hurricane season began, but Isaac happens to be the son of Abraham and father of Jacob, whose name was later changed to “Israel,” by the God of the Bible.

What are God’s talking points?  I don’t presume to know them all but one thing I know, He has chosen Jerusalem as His home forever.  He told David, King of Israel that one of his son’s would rule from Jerusalem forever.

1.  “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye him.”

2.  “Cursed is anyone or nation that removes the ancient landmarks .”

3.   “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” psalm 122

God has an agenda and if we truly want God to bless America and our own lives, these 3 talking points are a pretty good start on the pathway to peace and prosperity for each of us and for our great nation!


I have written extensively about the God of our nation, the Creator of the heavens and earth  Who has been trying to get our attention as to our national transgressions regarding the land of Israel and specifically Jerusalem!

My documentation began in August 2005, exactly  7 years ago to the day of Katrina and 7 happens to the Biblical number that means “Completion.”  My hope and prayer is that the leaders of our nation will end their demand for Israel to give up among other parcels of land, East Jerusalem or 1/4 of the city.

Time after time, we have suffered in this nation and most of these sufferings are warnings from the One who has blessed us all along.

There is no one issue that God is passionate about (except to say souls,) than the city of Jerusalem, the land He has claimed as His own city.

It is time to return to our first Love and begin to pray for America’s soul!    Vote Pro-Israel or those you trust the absolute best who could take Jerusalem and the lands of Israel off the “Road  Map to Peace,” plan!  It is time to be renewed in our faith and in the truths of Scripture. God cares for Israel and He cares for America.  If He promises to bless those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem, what will be the fate of those who seek to divide Jerusalem!   Come on America, let’s awaken out of our sleep!

As I write this,  the worst possible scenario is occuring in New Orleans, my home town.   Never has a hurricane come up the Mississippi River and push the waters upriver.  This has been the biggest fear for as long as I can remember.

I will pray for the safety of all and the mercy of God.


I have decidedly gotten involved in the political arena due to the devastations on our homeland USA that I have documented and cast light upon in a recent offering.  I for one do not believe in Coincidences at all. I believe there is a purpose for all mankind, nation, and storm or natural disaster.  I believe things are out of proper order due to the nature of sin that will result in each of us dying at some point.  “The day that you sin Adam, you shall surely die.”  (paraphrase).

Until Jerusalem is taken off the negotiation table as our national ‘Official Position,” as begun by “W” and continued by “O,” we are in for a world of hurt.  By the way, WOE is a very historical and biblical term and describes out nation at this time.   Take note of draught covering most of nation, troops being slaughtered by apparent friendly Afghans, several massacres here in the market places,theaters, and worship halls, and campaigne rallies.    The economy is tanking, and on and on it goes.  LATE- BREAKING NEWS:  ABC News is reporting tonite that the Mississippi River is drying up.  There are 100 barges and tow boats stuck in Greenville, Mississippi.  There are no coincidences, We best be believing that Our God is an Awesome God and He will bless us but He will blister us!  He loves us and this I too know.


Also, when you consider all I have said, that we are now living under a cloud of godless policy regarding “Jerusalem,” that must change following this election;    West Nile virus, mosquito born is the worst ever in this nation. Please note:  When hearing of devastations in this country at this time, it is always UNPRECEDENTED, WORSE EVER, OUT OF CONTROL.  Blazes in California are eating up over a hundred structures.   A Hurricane is threatening to postpone Convention in Tampa and please note the name, ISAAC?   Hebrew for “Laughter!”    I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Phase 3 of “Roadmap to Peace,” began in the spring of 2011 announced by Obama Administration which includes Israel surrendering in theory, East Jerusalem for Peace.  No wonder there has been no ongoing negotiations only, heart-ache in America.  Someone needs to talk sense to our national leaders and change strategies for Middle-East peace.

We need leaders who will be more creative and will allow Israel to solve their own problems while playing a supportive role as a true friend to one of our closest friends and allies, Israel.

Shalom Everyone!








Most Patriotic Book in 2012

How many books can properly diagnose the New Orleans catastropy of 2005, or the financial collapse of 2008?  How about the Arab Spring of 2011 that should have been labeled the Jerusalem Spring since this is the little known fact that the U.S. demanded Israel to give up Eastern Jerusalem and lose all land rights.

Please be informed by checking out this quick easy read or just go to scribd and get a free read.  Just insert “jerusalem x factor,” and search button!

P.S.  New leaders in Egypt are declaring Jerusalem to be their next “Captial,” instead of Cairo.  Lets all get better informed as to the historical Jerusalem from a purely Biblical point of view.

America’s Demise

It doesn’t have to be, but there are many warnings that have brought devestation to our nation as a result of our stance against God’s coveted “Jerusalem.”   This eternal city is at this moment on the table by the present administration and begun by “W,” in order to try and secure peace in the middle east.  It hasn’t worked and it will not work!  We need leaders that will take a stand for Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and not waver an acre!!!

Let’s keep our eyes open on the most important issue facing our nation and all nations!!!   JERUSALEM

Jerusalem, O Jerusalem

We must all count Jerusalem as God’s promised possession to Israel.  He has also chosen Jerusalem to be His dwelling forever.  When we touch this land and pressure Israel to surrender parts of it we touch the apple of God’s eye.  ” Touch” is  from a hebrew word meaning ” Irritation,”as if sticking ones finger in anothers eye.  A sudden response is imminent upon a nation that applies unwise pressure.  This action is to be avoided at all costs!!!

Jerusalem X Factor documents the troubles that we are facing as a result of enforcing “The Roadmap to Peace,” that is current, on the table as official U.S. policy, and includes the Eastern part of Jerusalem and threatening to Israel’s existence.

Shalom everyone!!!


UNDERSTAND THE TIMES, election insight

All hell broke out again in our country precipitated by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu declaring the building of 700 homes in the West Bank on or around June 6, 2012.  President Obama declared this was wrong and rebuked Israel. June 8 wildfires broke out in Colorado and nearly 300 homes so far have been incensed.     COINCIDENCE?   I began to document the disasters facing our nation and how it all relates to our treatment of Israel in regards to her land and Jerusalem in particular. You can secure a copy at this site by paypal or go to amazon.com.   “JERUSALEM X FACTOR,” has several professors that have given amazing book reviews and one (NC State Dr. Olin Wood, ret.) bought numerous copies to give to all his friends.

Check it out! Understand these amazing times we are living in and let your faith be increased as a result!  If we as a nation believe in God, we must love the things He loves and detest the things He detests.   Who are we fooling? “God is not mocked, whatsover a man (or nation) sows so will he reap”